About Quinnox Solutions

Quinnox Solutions recruits for top talents in the areas of Information Technology (IT), Telecommunications and Engineering.

Our partners can be assured of our access to the local markets and our commitment to service quality, integrity and confidentiality at all times.

Our team of committed recruiters work tirelessly to fill Permanent and Contract roles across Singapore and other parts of Asia.

About Quinnox Solutions

About Quinnox Solutions - The Quinnox

Our Name

The Quinnox is a good luck charm carried by anyone who desires a quick turnaround in a relationship that has turned sour, a dwindling savings account that needs an instant boost, or even an acquaintance who is causing trouble.

The Quinnox, the ancient symbol of rejuvenation, could jump start your life and guide you through a 180 degree turn – sending you in the right direction.

Our Tagline

Turn IT Around.

By engaging us, we hope that candidates will progress in their career and clients will find the best resource to turn processes, projects and revenue around.

The “IT” in our tagline is a double-entendre to suggest Information Technology, the area of our forte in recruitment. To you reading this piece, we wish that you will find the resolve to turn whatever challenges and issues you have, around. Reverse a bad situation and make it successful.

About Quinnox Solutions - Tagline - Turn IT Around

Quinnox Solutions - Our Values

Our Values

Fairness in our dealings with clients, candidates and stakeholders alike. We are committed to work on a win-win solution for all.

Conviction is our way to deliver quality work with certainty and confidence at all times.

Integrity guides us to do our job with pride, with your interest at heart. No second guesses, no hidden agendas – you can rely on us to serve you with sincerity.

Through Innovation, we constantly reinvent to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing job market.

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