Outsourcing Solutions

Quinnox Solutions provides an extensive range of outsourcing solutions and the management of HR Payroll functions for our clients. This eliminates the need for businesses to provide for cumbersome administrative procedures and allows for greater flexibility in managing your staffing needs.

Quinnox Solutions - Outsourcing Services

Contract hires are very common in the market.  We understand that our clients may be looking to fill short-term roles due to:

  • Headcount freeze
  • Hiring on demand (such as for an IT project)
  • Replacement of staff who are on sabbatical or maternity
  • Contract to permanent hires (to access suitability of candidates)

With our Outsourcing Solution, we take care of the entire process of recruiting, and managing a spectrum of HR functions for contractors. Such an arrangement allows you to

  • focus on your core business without the hassle of managing tedious but important HR administrative issues
  • enjoy greater flexibility in managing your staffing needs

Quinnox Solutions Outsourcing Services

We work closely with you to determine the terms of employment including compensation and benefit packages for the employees that are in-line with your company’s HR policy.

Our services include:

  • Recruitment through our extensive candidate search process
  • Employing contractors based on clients’ terms
  • Securing the necessary employment permits for foreigners
  • Handling all payroll matters, including all statutory contributions and submissions
  • Handling all tax matters
  • Administering leave
  • Administering staff benefits
  • Customised reports for clients’ review

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