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No 4: Following up too closely on application/interview status

Top 10 Recruiters’ Peeve No 4: Following up too closely on application/interview status

1. Do you call the company after submitting your resume to the job advertisement?

2. How soon should you follow up after your interview?

These days, most companies do not reply to job applicants who are not shortlisted.   The most you get is an automated response when your resume is received.  Usually, if you do not receive a call within a certain period (say 2 weeks) it is likely that you have not been shortlisted.

If you think that you are the right candidate for the job and wish to talk to someone regarding your application, you may call in to enquire.  Once you know that someone has taken a look at your resume, you should just leave it as that.  The company will notify if you are selected for an interview.  There is no point to call again.

After an interview, it is good to follow up with a “thank you” note to the interviewers.  If you have their name card, drop them a simple “thank you” message.  If you do not have their contact, you could send the message via the person who had arranged the interview for you.  You could follow up with the interview results after a week or so.  This is to show your interest with the position, as well as to remind them that you are still available.  However, calling in to check every other day will be over doing it.  You may be deemed to be trying too hard, or getting too desperate for a job – any job.   The final outcome could well be a negative one.