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No. 8: Applying To A Job That He/She Is Not Looking For

Top 10 Recruiters’ Peeve No. 8: Applying to a job that he/she is not looking for

We welcome all job applications – the more the merrier.  But sometimes, we get applicants who qualify for a job but do not want the role.  For some reasons, these applicants responded to a job advertisement with a notion that the job scope could still be changed. 

For example, the advertisement for a software engineer attracted an IT graduate.  He applied to the job.  When he was called up for interview, he told the recruiter that he does not like to do programming i.e. software engineer role and prefers Business Analyst or Project Coordination roles.  Another candidate applied to an IT specialist role.  He was well qualified for the job, but when called up, he rejected the role, citing that he wish to progress to a higher level such as a Project Manager. 

If the motive of these candidates is to attract recruiter’s attention, then there are better ways to do it:

1. Have a clear career objective in your resume.  This objective should tell us your areas of interest as well as how you think you could contribute in those areas.  Recruiters will pick up these points.

2. Instead of applying to that particular job which was advertised, if you think the recruiter may be able to help you in getting a related job, indicate your intentions – upfront – in your application.  Most recruiters would be able to keep a look out for you.