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No. 6: Incomplete or Falsified Resumes

Top 10 Recruiters’ Peeve Number 6: Incomplete or falsified resumes

Years ago, recruiters will share horror stories on how they have received 2 completely similar resumes albeit with different names.  More than 80% of the projects experiences, dates, and skills are the same for 2 different people.  It cannot be a co-incidence.  These days, we see less of such “outright forgery” cases but falsified resumes can still be found.   

There are many reasons why resumes are incomplete.  Job seekers may black out a certain ex-employer or combine the periods of employment in their cvs.  Candidates may think that it is not a big deal to round up/down the dates or skip 1 or 2 ex-companies that they would rather disassociate themselves with.  However, this is strongly discouraged.   

Many companies conduct reference and background checks on potential hires and most of them have a zero-tolerance policy to inaccuracies.  If you are still puzzling over a potential offer that was dropped at the last minute, this may likely be the reason.  At this point, you will have no chance to explain yourself.