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No. 5: Unrealist Salary Expectations

Top 10 Recruiters’ Peeve Number 5: Unrealistic salary expectations

A higher salary package or what most candidates discretely term it as “better prospects” is usually the main reason for a job change.  One of the first question that some candidates may ask will be “How much will I be offered?”.  Recruiters are usually wary of candidates who ask this up front.  It does not give a very good first impression.

There is always a salary budget tied to each position.  This budget will be based on the years of experience, industry domain, roles and skills required.  If you meet all the requirements from the job description and is able to value-add to the company, naturally you may expect a good offer.  Depending on the location, market forces and technology demand, this “budget” will fluctuate.

In the technology sector today, one of the important consideration for hiring managers or HR when selecting candidates for interview is usually their salary expectations meet the budget.  Thus, if your expected salary is placed too high, you may not get a chance to be interviewed at all.  When it comes to putting down your salary expectations on your next job, give it a range.  Instead of saying “I want at least a $6000 basic for my next job…” say something like “I wish to look at 10-15% increase to my current pay package, but I would like to consider the role and overall benefits too… ”