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No 3: Late or No-show for interviews

Top 10 Recruiters’ Peeve No 3. Late or No-show for interviews

Which is worse: to be late for an interview or just not turn up?

Sometimes, fresh graduates or junior executives go missing in action on the day of the interview.  They may not be too keen on the job to start with, or they could find it a hassle to travel to a certain location for interview.  For whatever reason, they are usually not polite enough to give the recruiters or the interviewers a call to say that they are not attending the interview.  They will likely be avoiding phone calls when recruiters follow-up with them.

Particular to this group of candidates, they are likely to be the one to call in about 10 minutes before the interview to say that: they had met with an accident; their car broke down;  they are not feeling well to go for the interview; or that their uncle/aunt/grandmother/grandfather is in the hospital and they cannot go for the interview.  Do not be surprised as we do hear this excuse a lot.  We are unsure why these people have to “curse” their family members when they are the ones who cannot make it to the interview.

Please note:

If you are late for an interview, it is alright to call up and explain why you are running late.  If you have decided not to go for the interview it is only polite to call and inform of your decision.  Remember, when looking for a new job, your work professionalism starts from the interview.