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No 2.: Applied for jobs but never available for interview

Top 10 Recruiters’ Peeve No 2.: Applied for jobs but never available for interview

Making a career move inevitably means that you need to invest time and effort in attending rounds of interviews, filling up application forms, sitting for aptitude/technical tests and facing rejections. 

When your resume is updated in the job portals, you are sending an “I-am-available-for-a-career-change” message and you will be the target for recruiters.  When you apply to a job – with any company – you should be genuine in wanting to seek out that role.

At this point, it is good to take a reality check.  If your profession and/or skill are in demand, you may receive calls from numerous sources.  This means that you will need to allow recruiters to talk to you about new opportunities, taking leave and time-offs to go for interviews …and more interviews… before getting the right offer and finally accepting the right job.  The whole process can be tedious but it is to be expected. 

If you are half-hearted about making the move, it shows.  Not picking up calls, changing of interview appointment again and again and generally not being cooperative will really leave a bad impression.  In a niche industry, this may be more harmful to your career than you realise.  Thus, if you are ready to look out for new opportunities and make the move, please be ever ready to take calls and attend interviews.