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When I was a fresh grad…

With technology being so advanced nowadays, applying for jobs or simply knowing which company is hiring is so easy.  When I first started looking for a full-time job after graduation (years ago), hotmail was not a popular tool and social media was not in existence.  I remembered that we were still using dial-up access for internet and things moved very slowly then.

Being a fresh graduate, I had nothing to sell but my enthusiasm.  Mostly, I sent out job applications via snail mail.  Each job application “pack” consisted of the cover letter, the curriculum vitae, the stacks of photocopied transcripts and not forgetting the S$1 per print passport-size picture and the cost of S$0.50 postage per mail.  Applying to jobs in the past was a tedious task.  Employers expected you to follow all the instructions stipulated in their newspaper advertisement, or you may not be considered at all!

For companies that accepted applications through email (which was rare at that time), I will doggedly attach my resume with a perfect cover letter.  After many rounds of failures (no calls), I will tweak my email messages with some of them sounding really desperate.  With technology (i.e. emails), it was still difficult to land those interviews for a fresh graduate.

Eventually of course, I did get a job.  But being a recruiter now, and looking back at those days, I do have some clues as to why it was so tough for me. 

  1. I was overly ambitious and applied to many senior, nice-sounding positions which I was definitely not qualified for.  
  2. Even after landing an interview with a job in Sales, I told the company that I wanted a Marketing job. 
  3. The email which I am sharing with my “atypical” brother reads : dontmailme@singnet.com.sg

To all the fresh graduates out there:  watch your attitude, understand yourself and be realistic and most importantly – do not give up!