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Employment Pass (EP) Approval in Singapore

With the recent tightening of foreign entry into Singapore, the criteria for employment pass approval (especially for many Technical Professionals that falls under the EP category) had been strictly controlled.  There are many new reject cases and even those who had been working in Singapore for some time (under previous EP status) had not been spared.  

If you are a .Net developer with 3-5 years of working experience and being offered anything less than $4500, there is a high possibility that you will only qualify for a SPass now.  Surprised?  Don’t be.  There is nothing wrong with getting a SPass – you can still work in Singapore.  However, not all company has enough SPass quota and you may end up having a job offer but not being able to start work!  So, run some checks before looking for work in Singapore.

1.            Go to www.mom.gov.sg to do a self-assessment on your eligibility to be granted a work pass (Ministry of Manpower website). 

2.            Your degree should be a full-time study program by a recognized University (must be in MOM’s existing list)

3.            If you happen to fall in the EP/SPass category (after assessment), you will need to check with your future employer that they are willing and able to apply for a SPass for you.

4.            Asking for a higher salary from employers may not guarantee you an EP.  It is your personal skills, experience and credentials that matters.

5.            Most importantly, please do not resign immediately when you get a job offer… make sure that your work pass in Singapore is secured before you quit!

Disclaimer: The above is written based on our experience when applying for Work Passes for our employees from the third-fourth quarter of 2012.  The intention is to share our knowledge on Work Pass application in Singapore.  We do not represent MOM or any of the government-related authorities and do not claim to be an expert in this field.