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The Counter Offer – Should You Accept It?

Your boss did not seem to appreciate you and you see no career prospect in your company.  But just when you inform him/her that you have signed up for another job, your company decided to give you a counter offer that you cannot resist.  Do you take it? 

You may have to first ask yourself why you set out to look for the next job.  Think about the real reasons that prompted you to update your resume and go for job interviews.  What was the push factor for you?  Was it the money, the people or the management or did you just needed a change?  If your answer is all of the above, then there is no looking back. 

Counter offer seems to be the norm these days.  Thus, it is no surprise that many out there will not hesitate to take up the counter package.  After all, they are getting more money to work in a familiar environment with little or no change in job scope and a boss/ team they are used to working with.  Think about these questions:

  1. Why did the company give me the pay rise or promotion only when I tender?  Have they not noticed my efforts before?
  2. The pay increase/promotion looks good, but will the job scope remain unchanged and will I still be unhappy?
  3. Since I have decided to leave the company once, will the management and the team still treat me cordially like before?
  4. Did my company try to find out the main reasons of my resignation and will they or do they have the ability to address the issues that I was concerned with?
  5. Have I officially accepted the other offer?  Will there be penalties or any inconveniences for the other party if I withdraw my application now?
  6. Is it possible that I will still look around after this counter offer – for an even better offer?

This last question is a trick, but you may be surprised that some people did just that – take the counter offer and immediately show it to the next employer – hoping for a better deal.  Here is a reminder:  play your cards well or you may end up with nothing.