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No. 1: Attitude Problem

Top 10 Recruiters’ Peeve No. 1:  Attitude Problem

2016 marks an employees’ market, especially for those with skills that are in demand.  We understand that recruiters can sometimes be aggressive and relentless to get you interested in a job opening.  That is part of our job.   If you are getting frustrated from the impromptu calls try to keep calm, be polite and appreciate the fact that you are in demand – for now.

Recruiters may not remember your skills, but we will surely remember your bad attitude.  Many different attributes make up a bad attitude and that includes haughtiness, inflexibility and being disrespectful.  Candidates with bad attitudes will surely be remembered and marked in the recruitment system.  These negative remarks may never be erased.  This may be irrelevant if you are not interested in the organisation proposed to you?  Think again.  Recruiters move from company to company.  One day they may be hiring for the organisation that you most coveted to join…

So, work closely with your recruiter and help them earnestly so that they could help you in return.  Many times, the hiring decision is hinged upon the candidate’s attitude.  With these unpredictable times, you never know when you will need the help of a recruiter friend.