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No. 9: Lack of Preparation for Interview

Top 10 Recruiters’ Peeve N0. 9:  Lack of Preparation for Interview

Recruitment agencies will generally prepare candidates before interview sessions with clients.  No matter how much we try to prepare our candidates in advance, some of them will still say foolish things.   For example,

Client: “How much do you know about our company?” 

Candidate: “Not much.”

Client: “Then why do you apply to this job?”

Candidate: “The agency sent me and so here I am.”

This may be an exaggeration but the implication is there.

The onus is on recruiters to put forth the best candidates to our clients.  However, these candidates may be in demand due to their skills or industry domain experience, and may not be fully appreciative of the interview opportunities given.  This could well explain their “disinterest” during interviews.  Some candidates had gone through so many rounds of interviews and feel so “jaded” that they do not put their best self forward each time.

If you have decided to turn up for an interview, please do not waste your time or the interviewers’ time.   Put in your best effort during that 1-2 hour session.  Even if it means that you have to answer the same questions all over again, do it with oomph!

The IT industry is small and a negative impression you gave during an interview may haunt you in future.  Interviewers will remember you … and most companies have a recruitment system to help them keep track of all interview records.  You have been warned…

Top 10 Recruiters’ Peeves (No. 10)

Top 10 Recruiters’ Peeves

We have compiled the top 10 “recruiters’ peeves” to provide some insights as to what annoy us and our struggles with impossible candidates.  If you are a candidate and reading this, this will be your “Top 10 not-to-dos”!  Here is the countdown:

Number 10:  – Applying to every available job

We have a list of job openings in our website (http://quinnox-solutions.com/career-page/).  These jobs are mostly technical, but each requirement is very different.  Often, there will be a single candidate applying to at least 6 to 10 jobs in that list!

So why can’t you apply to as many jobs as you like?

  • It shows that you do not have a clear career goal.
  • It suggests that you are a desperate job seeker and your cv had probably been mass-sent to many other job agencies as well.
  • We wonder if you are in the right state of mind.

 As a fresh graduate, you would probably know your areas of interest and then apply to jobs that are best suited to you.  You could apply to junior positions or openings that welcome fresh graduates.  A fresher applying to a Project Manager position will most definitely be rejected – this is a no brainer.

 For candidates with working experience, you will probably have some idea of where you stand in your career and the possible career paths ahead of you.  Thus apply to positions that you are able to contribute to or aim for something that is one-level up from your current role. 

Whatever you do, remember not to send in your cv to a “system engineer” job and in the next breath, apply to a “software engineer” position… you know what we mean.