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Why should you consider a contract job?

Contract hires are very common in the market these days.  There are various reasons why companies are offering more contract positions.
–              Headcount freeze
–              Hiring on demand (such as for an IT project)
–              Replacement of staff who are on sabbatical or maternity
–              Contract to permanent hires (to access suitability of candidates)

Before you say “No” to being a contractor, here are some points to ponder.
1.  Big scale IT projects may require more IT Contractors and thus, the job could be more challenging and interesting.  You may learn more from such projects and the experiences you draw may come in handy for your career.
2.  Due to the economic situation and uncertainties, contract hiring is preferred by most companies including MNCs and Banks.  This gives you a chance to explore an opportunity with such companies – albeit on a contractual basis.
3.  There is always a possibility for a contractor to be converted to a permanent staff when an internal headcount becomes available. 

4.  For a fresher or junior executive, accepting a contract job will allow you to gain job experiences, while accessing and deciding if the job is suitable for you.
5.  Leaving a job when the contract expires is usually a valid and acceptable reason for your next employer. For candidates who prefer new challenges every now and then, contract roles may be more suitable for you.

So, don’t discount a contract job immediately.  Ask a few questions about the company and the project, gather more information from your recruiter before deciding!