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Be Honest During Interviews

During interview sessions, many of us may feel pressured to present the best of ourselves and in doing so, some may resort to telling half-truths or lies.  Being honest is the best way to ensure a successful interview session and ultimately a good job fit.  Here is why:

Be truthful about your skills and experiences

–          In Technical hiring, it is easy for the interviewer to tell if you are bluffing your way through the technical questions.  Thus, it is better to simply say that your experience in the particular area is not so strong, then to answer the questions wrongly. 

We have seen many candidates who passed the first interview with flying colors only to fail the technical round.  They failed not because they were expected to know everything, but because they were not being honest with the interviewer (who is usually technically sound). 

Present the real You

–          By being honest about your personality traits and personal career goals, the interviewer is able to access and understand you thus putting you in the right role.  

The hiring manager needs someone aggressive in his team and you try to present yourself as an aggressive individual.   If this is not your real character, even if you eventually get the job, you may be miserable going to work. 

Conversely for a hire to be successful and lasting, the interviewers should also be honest and open about the role, scope, company culture and expectations of the new hire.